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FAQ - Payment

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I think I have been charged incorrectly^ top

All 12Voip calls to LAND LINES for several destinations are free*. Please check the current listing of free* destinations. When you feel you are being overcharged, please ensure you have dialled a regular land line and not a mobile number without realising.

If you still have doubts, please contact us.

I want to call one of the free* destinations, but I get charged anyway^ top

There are several reasons why you may have been charged for the free destinations: You have no Freedays left (buy credits in order to get more Freedays). You may have reached the maximum limit of our Fair Use Policy. Or you may be dialling a mobile number without realising. Please consult our terms of use.

What kind of payment methods do you offer?^ top

12Voip offers various ways to pay, including major credit/debit cards, banktransfers, PayPal, Moneybookers and depending on where you live various local payment methods. Login to your account and select "buy credits" to see which payment method suits you best. Should your preferred method of payment not be included you can also check Moneybookers or Paypal as they offer even more local payment methods.

My order status shows "COMPLETED" but no credits are added to my account?^ top

In some cases customers have experienced longer than expected delays in between orders being processed and credits appearing in balances. Generally it should only take minutes, but in a small number of cases customers may have to wait longer for their balance to reflect the purchase.

You can always check your order status in the My Purchases section of your personal pages. We suggest you attempt to place a call even if the purchased credits have not appeared yet. In some cases the shown balance may take some time to update and placing a VoIP-Out call can often trigger an immediate update. If your order is listed as "Completed" you WILL receive your credits.

How long does my credit last for calls?^ top

At 12Voip, your credit will NOT expire.

What's the deal with the Freedays?^ top

Buying credits entitles you to 90 Freedays (unless stated otherwise). This means you can call all countries in the free* destinations list for 90 days at no costs. When the 90 days are over, you will keep your credit, and the normal rate will be charged for these destinations.

Are there any other charges to pay?^ top

There are no monthly subscription, registration or administration charges. The advertised tariff for each destination is all-inclusive.

How much will I be charged for my calls?^ top

Nothing! - if you are calling any land line in one of our free* destinations, or any of your online friends.

Calls to all other (PSTN) phone numbers will be charged the applicable tariff for the destination you are calling. Rates are in Eurocents per minute and calls are rounded up to next minute. Apart from that there are no other charges; no subscription, registration, or administration fees!

When do call charges take effect?^ top

Call charges take effect once you are connected to the telephone number you have dialled i.e once the call has been answered. If there is no answer or the line is engaged you will not be charged for the call.

How can 12Voip keep their rates so low?^ top

We always try to offer the best prices possible and 12Voip constantly aims to negotiate better deals with suppliers to pass this discount on to our customers! By buying in bulk from major carriers and using state of the art technology 12Voip is able to significantly undercut other international call providers. In addition, low overheads and a no frills approach enable our customers to benefit even more.

Will I receive an invoice?^ top

You will not receive an invoice by post. All call specifications and -costs can be seen on your account page on this website.

How much does it cost for someone to ring my Voip-in number?^ top

This depends on where the other person is calling from and which telephone provider they use. The call should be charged at normal geographic rate (and if ringing from abroad a normal international call to your country) so the caller should check with their own telephone provider how much they charge for normal calls to landlines.