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Ran out of Freedays?

The following rates are charged when you have run out of Freedays. In order to get more Freedays, you have to top up your account by buying credit.

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Argentina  (Landline) SuperDeal!**0.010  0.011
Australia  (Landline) SuperDeal!**0.010  0.011
Austria  (Landline) SuperDeal!**0.015  0.016
Bahrain  (Landline) SuperDeal!**0.020  0.022
Belgium  (Landline) SuperDeal!**0.010  0.011
Brazil  (Landline) SuperDeal!**0.020  0.022
Bulgaria  (Landline) SuperDeal!**0.030  0.032
Canada  (Landline & Mobile) SuperDeal!**0.010  0.011
China  (Landline & Mobile) SuperDeal!**0.010  0.011
Colombia  (Landline) SuperDeal!**0.020  0.022
Croatia  (Landline) SuperDeal!**0.030  0.032
Cyprus  (Landline) SuperDeal!**0.010  0.011
Czech Republic  (Landline) SuperDeal!**0.010  0.011
Denmark  (Landline) SuperDeal!**0.010  0.011
Estonia  (Landline) SuperDeal!**0.015  0.016
Finland  (Landline) SuperDeal!**0.020  0.022
France  (Landline) SuperDeal!**0.010  0.011
Greece  (Landline) SuperDeal!**0.010  0.011
Hong Kong  (Landline & Mobile) SuperDeal!**0.010  0.011
Hungary  (Landline) SuperDeal!**0.015  0.016
Ireland  (Landline) SuperDeal!**0.010  0.011
Japan  (Landline) SuperDeal!**0.015  0.016
Latvia  (Landline) SuperDeal!**0.020  0.022
Luxembourg  (Landline) SuperDeal!**0.010  0.011
Malaysia  (Landline) SuperDeal!**0.020  0.022
Mexico [guadalajara]   0.010  0.011
Mexico [mexico City]   0.010  0.011
Monaco  (Landline) SuperDeal!**0.010  0.011
Netherlands  (Landline) SuperDeal!**0.015  0.016
New Zealand  (Landline) SuperDeal!**0.010  0.011
Norway  (Landline) SuperDeal!**0.010  0.011
Peru  (Landline) SuperDeal!**0.020  0.022
Poland  (Landline) SuperDeal!**0.010  0.011
Portugal  (Landline) SuperDeal!**0.010  0.011
Puerto Rico  (Landline & Mobile) SuperDeal!**0.010  0.011
Romania  (Landline) SuperDeal!**0.015  0.016
Singapore  (Landline & Mobile) SuperDeal!**0.010  0.011
Slovak Republic  (Landline) SuperDeal!**0.015  0.016
Slovenia  (Landline) SuperDeal!**0.015  0.016
Spain  (Landline) SuperDeal!**0.010  0.011
Sweden  (Landline) SuperDeal!**0.010  0.011
Switzerland  (Landline) SuperDeal!**0.010  0.011
Taiwan  (Landline) SuperDeal!**0.010  0.011
Thailand  (Landline) SuperDeal!**0.010  0.011
United Kingdom  (Landline) SuperDeal!**0.010  0.011
United States  (Landline & Mobile) SuperDeal!**0.010  0.011
Venezuela  (Landline) SuperDeal!**0.020  0.022

Rates are charged in Eurocents per minute and calls are rounded up to next minute. All rights reserved. Rates are subjected to change without notice.