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SMS instructions

Using the 12VoIP client:

Select the SMS-tab in the application:

Free SMS

Your user name is already filled out in the Caller ID field. You can opt to show your mobile phone number as well. Just make sure your mobile number is entered in your personal profile and verified (to counter misuse of the SMS).

You can enter multiple recipients. Simply select them from your phone book or enter them directly in the text field (comma separated, use the full international number)

Using the 12VoIP website

Free SMS
Login to your personal pages and select the SMS option. Follow the instructions on the screen to send your messages.

Using HTML SMSlink

You can also send text messages (SMS) without using our software or accessing the website. Use the following link and fill in the desired data:

Explanation of the variables:
  • username: your 12VoIP username
  • password: your 12VoIP password
  • from: your username or your verified phone number. Always use international format for the number starting with +, for instance +491701234567
  • to: the number you wish to send the sms to. Always use international format starting with +, for instance +491701234567
  • text: the message you want to send

After creating the link in a text editor you can copy it into your internet browser's address bar: Free SMS
Than just hit the Enter button and you will get a notification if the text message (SMS) was sent.